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CS:S == time sucker!

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First off, I just finished reading Masters of Doom. I recommend it. It tells all about how Carmack and Romero started out and went straight to the top, then talks about the split later on. Overall I loved it.

Next order of business, CounterStrike Source has wasted many hours of my time lately. I was unsure how it would run over dialup, so I hadn't tried it until a friend who also has dialup said that he played with no side effects. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. There are a few snags here and there, but overall, it runs quite smoothly. I only really quit when the video freezes and I have to Alt-Tab out. I just decide to close it[lol].

I spent the better part of today downloading the Source SDK update, and what I was looking forward to, FacePoser, so far appears quite complicated and intimidating.

Ah yes, back to game development related stuff. Between me and my friend, we got texturing to work on our models. It looks like crap right now, but when (if) we get a nice textured space ship, i'll be sure to show it here[wink].
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Masters of Doom was indeed a very well-written book. I wrote a staff review of it for GDNet. I should pick it up again, I really enjoyed it.

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