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Rats, No Fighting

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Wednesday, December 22

Well, I was hoping to have posted up pics and movies of me sword fighting with my buddies, but I still haven't fixed my shinai and one of my friends had to work that night and my other friend hasn't gotten a new shinai... so it seems we're out of commission for a bit. Damn.

Anyways I've started getting gifts from my gymnastics students this week. it's such a great job bonus [smile]. I'm nice an cozy right now under a fleece blanket one of my kids gave me. Besides that it's mostly food and gift cards. Good stuff. Not as much loot this year as last year tho, so that kinda stinks.

I need to update my SDL libraries and dependencies. Such a pain in the ass, updating. I'll get to it tomorrow, amongst some more last minute xmas shopping, the horrible procrastinator that I am.

Well... I still haven't cleaned out my P22 since the last time I was at the range about a week or two ago, so I think I'm gonna do that before bed.
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