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Yuo liek teh pictars?/

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Maybe people will visit me if I post more neat pictures. [wink] Here's a few old stills of my current avatar; one is an early attempt at making it look "real" and the second is a toon render (which I probably should have turned off the reflection for, but oh well) ...

Obviously unfinished and they don't transform (yet) but I like how they look so far. Yes, it was inspired by this ...

Anyway, I played with PHP and MySQL today. I'm a long way from running my own forums, but I got a fair bit done. I also got a few articles proofread for Dave, and I have some other stuff to catch up on before I go to bed. It was mostly PHP today. Plus my computer started being an ass and telling me I don't have permission to change adjust the date and time. Stupid XP Home. [razz] Very annoying ...
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