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I know with the holiday and all, many of my regulars won't have much of a chance to try it, but here it is.

Still a bit rough, but fully functional. I'm also interested in the colorblind accessibility (nudge nudge Howard).

The high scores system works, and most of them are empty. Have at it folks, and Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, a belated Chappy Chanukah, a slightly belated Moderately Neato Winter Solstice, and just play the stinkin' game already!
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If the only two colors are supposed to be red and green, then it's fine for someone with my kind of colorblindness.

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According to Krusty the Clown, it's "Have a Kwazy Kwanzaa".

Oh, and you didn't wish me a Happy Festivus or a Happy HumanLight, you insensitive clod.

Great game. Really outstanding, and a diamond in every way. Now quit complaining that you never got anything out of your Cybiko days, what with this being a thinly-veiled hex version of "Branch".

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And John has outed me as the complete rip-off artist that I am. (Of course, he does exactly the same thing).

Here's a shot of the game that served as the "inspiration" for Hexircuit:

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Actually Branch was a ripoff of an old Nintendo game named "Pipe Dream".

But I guess you non-fetuses are too old to have played a Nintendo :)

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No, Pipe Dream was a completely different game in which you were initially given a mostly empty board and were required to place randomly-generated pipes to create a single route from a source to a destination. While they may look a bit similar, they're a lot different.

And you still haven't read "A Confederacy of Dunces", have you?

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