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Grass Shader

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Got the ATI real-time grass shader working with my engine in it's HLSL form. I stood on the shoulder of Beoch in this thread for the shader. I am sure the shader can be optimised but i'm happy to stop here for today [smile]

Looks pretty good in motion. I hope to incorporate it in to an environment system that will be responsible for all foliage, water and weather effects for my game. I have uploaded a little demo here
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Looks nice, I'd DL the demo, but I'm sure my radion 9000 wont support it. Maybe I'll try it with the ref drivers tho. :)

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Cheers [grin] The vertex shader should compile to version 1.1 and the pixel shader to version 1.4 so you may be able to run it. I am going to try and convert the clouds demo from ATI's site next.

Merry christmas!

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Yeah, it runs. I need a new computer. The new one with clouds does not work for me :)

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