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almost have an entry in every one, but i'll be damned if i could do better than 2x his time. [bawling]

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hmmm. That's the problem with a seed system. It allows you to practice the game to a point where you can get unbelievable scores.

The 4x4 game #205458, for example, the one SG got 10 seconds on, is impossible to get 10 seconds on unless you start the game knowing exactly where to put the pieces already.

Think about it; what's the point of playing minesweeper if you already know where the mines are? What's the point of playing cowhead if you already know where the pieces are?

All my existing scores, I 100% garantee, are my very first time playing each game.

SG, you can keep your top scores; I won't waste my time cheating to defeat them :P. But know that I consider you a cheater!! :)

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practice? hell, no! i finished a board to the point of 1 move left and drew them out!

heh yeah you got it just about right though. cheated? hell yeah!

13x13 14x14 15x15

16x16 almost done.. all drawn out and ready to input! all this cheating did come at a cost, though - i wasted about 10 peices of graph paper, and my entire day mapping out these silly grids. [bawling]

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Dude, screenshots are a lot easier to take than writing them all out on graph paper. (Not that I would ever do anything like that. :) )

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