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It's too difficult to read the "enter high score" text, as it's an alpha-ed box over the solved level.

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Okokok. I got to thinking about it and Zombie Kittens are out. What's in are ZOMBIE CHICKENS!

Think about it. Billions of animals that are already so dull-witted that they're almost plants becoming even more dull-witted by zombification (caused by a passing asteroid/comet/whatever). Yeah they're easy to trick and thwart, but there's a hojillion of 'em, and THEY ARE AFTER YOUR GIZZARD!

Okay, so here's the kicker. In order to defeat the aforementioned undead chickens, you can call on the assistance of the two greatest undead chicken-fighters who ever existed --elite military men who took on wave after wave of chickens and emerged victorious. Soldiers who's very name strikes fear in the heart of any chicken within earshot.

I'm referring, of course, to Colonel Sanders and General Tso.

I got this idea while eating lunch a Chinese restaurant. Weird, eh?

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