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Vacation has been going so-so. I havent completed nearly as much work as I had hoped, but that always seems to be the case with holidays and whatnot. 0% work completed with nebula and the new final project :(

All of the free time that I have had during break so far has been reading various low-level programming and linux books, and playing Dawn of War and MK: Deception with my brother.

Tonight I got some coding done. Ive been explorating around some low-level win32 stuff. Starting off with dissecting the PE file-format. Working on a neat little console program that pokes around active modules. Using a cool library argtable to take care of argument parsing.

So coding wise I got some stuff done today, even if I was interrupted 50 times...

I think my new years resolution is going to be to put together an online resume site. Just a place to show some of the few apps ive written, and maybe host some of the docs ive written as well. This way I can also make use of my web space here at gamedev :)
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