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So busy getting things working I have not even updated this. So here gos.

Skybox joy is all around, it is working perfectly for the most part. All I can complain about is, if camera is moved when the scene is paused, the skybox wont move untill the scene is unpaused. But that can be worked so that the camera is not getting moved when paused (im pretty sure anyways). And that I'm getting tearing at the edges of the planes that make up the box. So I think until I move the skybox from 6 planes, into 1 box mesh I will just have to live with it.

The linked lists are pretty solid for handling the collision and update objects, I just added a function to remove a node from anywhere and in the list. Took a bit of time to get the thing to stop messing up, but its done (I think).

More planes were added to the scene, I'm actually starting to build a level type of thing. Right now aiming for the breakout style clone, so flame on for the flip-flop because its almost the same as quiting one project, copy-paste the source into new files with different names.

Anyways blah blah, I dont know my vectors very well yet, because I'm having some trouble with what should be pretty simple tests. So get ready for a post from me tomorrow afternoon asking about how-to/why/boohoo my function not workie! Hint: sphere-plane is not working right (download the source, problem is in ColSphere.cpp[CColSphere::TestPlane] if you are really board).

Untill then, good night.
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