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It's alive! ALIVE!

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Stephen R


I finally got my engine coded. So almost all of the code is in place, with the possible exeptions of some functions I may have overlooked. But most of the work is done. Now I start debugging.

Initially the engine was working perfectly. The kernel seems to be operating exactly as it should. My graphics and sound kernels setup and releaed d3d and dmusic propperly and all was going well. I seem to have run into a bit of a bug though with my ref counting mem manager. So far I have come across one leak that I'm currently trying to patch up. Not quite sure why its happening. I'm just going to have to step though the code and see what I forgot. It most likely something stupid.

I quite like the way the engine has worked out. If all the systems behave the way I coded them without much change then I think I'm going to like coding with it. Its nicely OO with most of the core functionallity required for a 2d game.

I'm now going to go try to figure out this bug.

PS. I found my first practical use for virtual inherritance today. All objects in my engine inherit the ref counting base class. One class required me to use multiple inherritance so obviously the ref counter functins were going to be ambiguous. Just thought I'd share that.
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