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New Project, Yet again!!

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So, yes guys. Im working on a new project, (yet again) ive written up a design document, and ive been working on a technical design document which i will provide if the game nears somthing like completion, but i have a habit of not completing things :)

So today is the first day of programming it, im not giving anything away, although some of you from #gamedev might already know what im talking about.

Ill keep you all up to date,

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I'd actually recommend against a design document if it's going to be a rather small project. Especially when you're doing it by yourself. But, it's up to you [smile].

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Why? A design doc - and a technical design doc - give you a nice checklist to work against. Doesn't matter whether it's a project for one person or one hundred.

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Well yeah, without the technical design doc half of the stuff would have gone wrong ( as superpig would confirm) took us like an hour or so to figure out the best way to do it. (thanks to superpig)

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True enough. I guess I'm just too lazy to make one. I'll make sure to put one out for my next project.

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