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Leveraging the awesome power of a stack of Christmas gift certificates, I have purchased a number of pieces of geek-style equipment (GeForce 6600, new mobo, another XP2800 AMD proc, etc...) with which I have constructed a Windows gaming/development box. I'm tired of having to rely on a dual-boot box, since it puts my Windows project builds severely behind my Linux builds. So, I decided to construct a dedicated box to run Windows (well, maybe not dedicated; I did make it a dual-boot with Debian as well, but I'll usually boot it into Windows; almost always, even.) Expect to see the amount of time I spend playing games explode out of control. In the past, gaming time was curtailed by my laziness. Rebooting is such a chore. [grin] Well, no longer my friends.

Just spent the last hour getting Mingw and MSys installed and setup, since I am a complete and utter cripple without my command line tools.

This should make it easier for me to finish up the Accidental project, as Windows builds will be kept up with the Linux builds more conveniently.

Must resist urge to buy more games...
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Sellout!! :P

Just kidding.

It's funny, you're going back to Windows and I'm finding the things that I'd do in Windows are becoming less frequent. I'm even thinking of shrinking my Windows partition down for more Linux-dedicated space.

I don't think I can be bothered with Cedega or Wine so I'll probably be only using Windows for the games that I have currently.

Also - you'll probably benefit from installing Cygwin - having to type 'dir' instead of 'ls' is just too alien to me now [wink]

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You take that back right now!!! *grumble*


Yeah, I only use Windows for playing games and doing the occasional Windows build of my own games and projects. I don't like to use it; after several years of using only Linux, Windows feels strange and awkward.

I've got Cygwin installed, but I usually use MSys. It provides the usual set of command-line tools (I agree with you that typing 'dir' feels awkward; you don't know how many times I've typed 'ls' into the Windows command prompt by mistake). For some reason, I just prefer MSys.

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