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Switching Compilers, Diablo Game

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[journal dump]


well, here i am installing vc#express again. the only problems i actually had with it before was, the worry of expiration due to it being a beta, and that it broke my project into 3 partial classes (which i wasn't very fond of). muer suggested i make a new template that didn't break up the project, but i think i'm going to try it with the partial method for a while and get used to it. #dev's load time and bugs are driving me too batty of late.

something else worthy of note is that i've been using .net 1.1 and express is installing 2.0. i'm doubtful about its reverse-compatibility, but we'll see how it goes when i get it all installed.


well, jenn and i went over what we wanted for a quick demo of the game i wanted to build so long ago: a diablo-type game. it's hard to figure out what we should have in the demo and what not to; we don't want too much in the demo, but at the same time, we want enough to show what the game intends to do.

i'm not really sure what to do right now, the first step is getting two guys onscreen and give control to the two joysticks.

[working] well, i just threw a quick sprite sheet together for a greyscale link. if i need, i can color this green and then red for the two players we'll drop into the demo to start with. it consists of 4 directions of walking (2 frame animations) and 4 directions of swinging the sword (2 frame animations). link can perform other actions like jumping and holding things over his head (and dying i suppose) but for now its all i'm going to need.

right now i'm going to be happy to get two players on the screen and let the joysticks dpads move the players around. hmm. maybe i'll go grab the sword graphics too. [working] i didn't do it exactly like they did it in zelda:LA, but who cares.

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