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Decided to study for a CCNA, so I went out and bought a book.

My games programming has dried up over the past few months, just can't get motivated. I'm still developing for the web though, having fun with ASP.NET and web systems design.

I'll be migrating my 'main' drive over from Windows NTFS to ext/3 at some point as my main system is now all Linux, with only a few reasons that require me to jump back to Windows.

I think I'll get an imported Nintendo DS, they look pretty coo'
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I have got my CCNA! One of my local universities was running the Cisco academy (semesters 1 -4) and I signed up with them. I would say it is definitley worth doing (as opposed to buying the literature and studying yourself) if you can. Having the CCNA was the catalyst for me getting my new job over other interviewees.

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Leeds Tech College might do a course, I'll check out the pricing - thanks for the head's up!

Having the CCNA was the catalyst for me getting my new job over other interviewees.

That's primarily why I'm doing it, it's an entry-level IT qualification that I believe would open a few more doors for me.

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I'd support choosing Cisco Networking Academy over just literature as well. I went through the course and the primary reason I believe I passed the exam was the hands-on experience the course gave me. Unless you have some Cisco switches or routers just lying around you probably wont be able to get that kind of experience outside of the course.

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