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Entry #53

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    You know, more people read this journal than I realized. I should sell some adspace and make some monnies...

You know, I've been thinking. C++ is one messed up language. So, when I write my own implementation, I will carry out this tradition.

I found it odd that a
, by standard, should be terminated with a null character. Which, normally is '\0'.

Well, I want to optimize this. '\0' is 4 keystrokes (or 2, however you look at it). Anyway, after much deliberation, I have decided to change this to 'Q' in my implementation. I mean, who the hell ever uses that?

Welcome to M++, where every optimization counts...
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I like it. I can't think of a time that we need to use that letter normally. Use the letter X for a line feed. Even MORE power.

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