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I hate computers, I hate C++, I hate OpenGL, I hat

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If you're reading this, then I probably hate you. Why so much hatred, Samith? It's because my damn font thingy doesn't work, no one answered my post in the OpenGL forum, no one knows what's wrong with it in the IRC channel, the code is exactly the same as other code, which works, but my code doesn't work. Because it sucks, and I hate it.

On a lighter note, I have to work until 11PM New Year's Eve, oh, wait, that's not a lighter not at all. I hate that just as much as everything else! I just had to go to work today because the guy who said he would come in for me didn't come in, oh well, that'll help me pay my dad back the 91 dollars I owe him (not like I can't pay him back already, I have like 1900 dollars in the bank, so I guess working tonight was just a load of BS that I hate).

Christmas break is almost over, back to classes that I hate with people that I hate and stupid teachers that I hate.

Anyway, how about some stuff that I do like? I like pirates. I like mechanical robots. I like myself. That's it. Someday I'm going to build a giant pirate robot exo-skeleton. Then I'll go kick ass.

EDIT: I hate the fact that the forum/journal software truncated the title of this post! It used to say a few more things that I hated, but now it says that "I hat". I don't even wear hats, ever, so funk you!
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You don't like ninjas? Well I guess if you are a pirate guy then ninjas would hate you.

P.S Ninjas always beat pirates.

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