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  • Random Observation of the Day!!!
    Okay, if it's 10h21 GMT+0500 Dec 31 2004 here, then its Jan 1 2005 somewhere else in the world. So: if its 2005 for you, can I ask you something? Did the world end in the new release?

Man, oh, man I've been bitching about C++ for a while. And my little brother is... cackling in the shower O_o

Finished my tictactoe competition entry. It sucks more than I hoped it would. You can download the source and executable if you want, nothing much to see unless you like "naughts and crosses" console style.

DOWNLOAD NOW!! (175.17 KB)

Other than that, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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No one wins...

No one except me! Make it better!

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