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Thanks a lot, funknuts!

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So std::ostringstream::clear() doesn't clear the STREAM, it clears all error flags. Yeah, took me a while to realize that one. Anyway, the world is now a better place since my font thingy works now. Well, it almost works. For some reason it still doesn't like to change its size. Oh well, that's a minor error, and I can continue on with my other projects now that I have a pretty decent font system working.

In other news: despite the fact that I work until 11PM, I still have 4 choices as far as New Year's Eve goes. I guess I'll be going to this girl's house, last time I went there she was walking around with a dead kitten. She's not a psycho don't worry about yoru beloved Samith getting hurt by her.

In more other news: last night I realized how beautiful the midwestern United States can really be. Now I want to make a cloud renderrer to emulate the skies over here. I also want to pretend I'm Dymtry and make cool pictars!
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Don't worry - I made the same mistake. Except I used system("cls") instead. To each his own, I guess.

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