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Timing time with my timer

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Stephen R


I just finished testing my timer / animation subsystem. As well as controlling basic time operations it controls animations - which at the moment is just animated sprites. During testing I revealed a bug I'd missed in my sprite map class - I'd thrown in a randon '- 1' into the mix for some reason and it caused the wrong tile to be selected with certain maps. But now thats all fixed up and running. So now all my rendering and timing code is finished.

I've only got input, sound and the resource manager left to do. I know that my input kernel is working, at least partially, because I've been using it when I was testing my other kernels. I'll give the input kernel a bit of testing tomorrow but I don't expect many problems. The sound also shouldn't be that much trouble. DMusic is a nice API and I've used it before so I should be able to fix any bugs that crop up.

Once they're done I have the biggest and most complicated system left to debug - the resource manager. It has the most space to go wrong, especially since I've never written one before. But once its finished the engine will be what I'd call a usable beta.

So hopefully three, maybe four, days and I'll be getting to work on my next game.
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