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So I've been working on my map editor recently, which I've been coding in C#. So far it's been going pretty well, C# is a pretty nice language to work in. One of the things I really like about it is that file organization is a lot nicer -- no more dealing with header files and circular dependencies . Granted it's not really one of those things that's a "big deal", but it makes (re)organizing code a lot less painful.

Object serialization could be a lot better though. It's good in that it's very easy to use (at least, when you're dealing with basic datatypes). The problem has to do with effeciency, or rather, lack thereof. From my experience it seems to waste a lot of space. For example, WinRAR was able to compress a 67.5MB file it generated down to 125KB (which is about a 540:1 compression ratio, heh). Granted that's probably a bit of a degerate case (I was compressing a very large array of Color values), but it's still sort of disconcerting. (To be fair though, when I converted the color array into an array of uints the file size came down to a much more reasonable 16MB.)
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