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Happy New Years

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Rob Loach


Well, Happy New Years everybody. I hope you didn't drink too much.....

As for my new years resolutions for 2005:
  • Achieve over 85% in all of my classes.
  • Complete a large game project in a small team.
  • Get a part time job for the rest of the school term.
  • Make a work-out routine effective in March.

[Edit: Hope you enjoy being banned. - Oluseyi]
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Recommended Comments

Hooray... A ban for an accidental goatse post. And a permanent one too - classy. You should probably go kill yourself Oluseyi.

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Anyone else notice how much of an asshole Oluseyi is? Because I have.

Look at this shit.

Since when is it okay for a business to openly insult its clients?

I, for one, now regret ever paying for GDNet+, and will definitely not be renewing it.

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This day will go down in history as the January 2nd that fell on a Sunday...

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Guest Anonymous Poster


yet another example of why oluseyi has no business being a mod on these forums.

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