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Is saying "WTF" swearing?

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If I were 8 and went up to my second grade teacher and said "WTF" I wonder what would happen...Same goes for "LMFAO!"

Tonights (last nights actually, tonight I'm doing nothing) accomplishment is this: wakaka.zip (452 bytes). It's a useless program that I wrote in ASM that runs through the standard mode 13h palette that I made after Ra said it would hurt my eyes. I editted it a bit so it only goes through the most painful parts. It comes with the source code so you can be sure it's not a 43 byte virus (teh haxors will blow up ur comptar!). I know it's stupid, but I'm bored and don't have anything better to do. I hope you enjoy it. Personally, I set it as my screensaver. Oh, uh, just CTRL+ALT+DELETE out of it, it won't exit on its own :)
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MY EYES!! That almost caused as much pain to my eyes as the g-man.

At least with the G-man I can leave anytime I want without pressing ctrl-alt-del

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