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The 21st Century, version 5

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So happy new years to everyone and all.

I'm kinda excited about this year. I haven't had a really big year since 2001 (when I joined GI, joined GDNet, wrote for a book, restarted the NJ IGDA chapter, joined the IGDA, and some other stuff) but I think this one will see some more personal milestones, especially in terms of GDNet and GI - I'm really excited in the direction both companies are moving. Plus I think my Blade Edge endeavor will finally start paying off.

So yea, I'm looking forward to this new year, and I hope I can look back on this entry and say "Gee how right I was". We'll see.

Anyways that's my $.02 for the day I guess... Katana's still chugging along (as always). I keep getting ppl asking me whether I'm going to release it when I'm finally done with it, and that's still up in the air. If I do it'll probably be LGPL or some sort, to give back to all the great libs I'm using in it. So write it down as a maybe for now. I still have to finish it after all!
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I'm glad you're seeing a positive future. I'm also trying to make my future more positive for myself.

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