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So much for moderators

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So people can get banned for mistakes on their journals.

Just pondering on the word "moderator" for a bit.
Being a moderator means you have to moderate things, not flame the shit out of people and go to the extremes and act like an asshole, then get forced by the staff to post a public apology. Oh, and also show in your apology that you're still an ass and you wouldn't have posted it if they didn't force you to.

If you want to rate things from a -10 to 10 scale, -10 being ultimate apologetic and 10 being ultimate flame warrior, moderators are supposed to keep it at a moderate level, i.e. the ideal situation is keeping the balance at 0 (that's actually quite difficult to do, agreed)

Instead, you get the guy who's supposed to keep things at 0 to go to 10, then get smacked down and go to -8. Hooray!

Sorry guys, no more hymen porn for you. I'll just give them to Toolmaker to host somewhere.
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Oh, here's some more news!
Delete the public apology and pretend like you never did it cause it hurts your ego, and possibly shrink the size of your penis. Also go and edit the posts you made in their journal to remove all the offensive "corrections" and swearings, pretending like you never did anything extreme.

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The apology still exists, at least for me. Did he take out the comment he put in Rob's journal? (My thoughts are over on my LJ account, and seem to be the norm for these parts.)

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There is still hymen porn! I'm mirroring it. Don't PM me or something if you don't way it.

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As a member of the gamedev staff, I can confirm that his apology was not "forced by the staff". We do have a private list where we discuss such things, but the issue of which you speak didn't hit the list and wasn't discussed.

A single staff member might've contacted him personally rather than letting the issue hit the list, but it looks more like the issue was cleared up by both parties before staff had to get involved.

Kudos to both parties for being grownup about the issue. They were both in #gamedev yesterday, and things appeared to be just fine.

Now, group hugs all around!

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Little late with this, but John's right, Oluseyi wasn't forced or even asked to do anything. He'd already apologized by the time I investigated it.

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