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Back to Work

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Time to get final project rolling. Heres my todo list for tomorrow:

1. Finish NB2 Tutorials
2. Work on NB2 Game Framework
3. Catch up on NB2 Mailinglist

Ive spent the last few days mostly playing games. Saturday I was _really_ sick. I dont know what It was, it felt like the flu - I had a high fever, nausea, ect.. but it only really lasted about 24 hours. I just hope my ferret doesnt catch it...

The two main games Ive been playing are Warhammer 40K: DOW and Painkiller: Battle out of Hell. The painkiller expansion is freaking amazing. The art is very much my style, and the gameplay is very refreshing old school FPS.. theres not even any reloading or crouching!

40K is really fun as well. I have been playing chaos only online, and against the cpu. I get completely owned online. Its terrible, I suck horribly. I dont know how these people build units so quickly, its ridiculous... very fun nevertheless, but hopefully my skills will increase eventually. Cant wait for the tyranid mod to finsish. They are my favorite 40K race. Im almost tempted to play some tabletop 40K... maybe if there is an escalation league going on here. Prolly wont have any time though.

Well, time for bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be very productive.
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