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Even better deal

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Following yesterday's deal post, here's how to get a load of software cheap.

1. Get the Word 2002/Works 8.0 bundle at SoftwareOutlet.com. Shipping will be about $5, bringing your total cost to about $30.

2. Go to Amazon and order Microsoft OneNote for $79.99. Shipping will be free.

3. Send in this rebate form using a photocopy of the Works 8.0 CD and the OneNote boxtop to qualify.

Total price = $30 + $79.99 - $100 = $9.99

That means you'll get Word 2002, Works 8.0, and OneNote 2003 for ten bucks, which is downright unbeatable. Microsoft is notoriously good about sending out rebate checks. I've gotten 'em back in as little as two weeks. Also, you can now keep an eye on your rebate's status here.

If you've never heard of OneNote, it's kinda cool. It's smart note-taking software. It was originally designed for tablet PC's, but it'll work on desktops too. You can just willy-nilly put up text, graphics, recorded sound, etc, and it'll keep it organized for you. It's not essential if you've got a desktop machine, but it is essental for this deal :)
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Your knack for finding deals amazes me. Do you guys have "Only Fools and Horses" there? If so, the name "Del-boy" might ring a bell [wink]

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