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I've reached a certain stage in my life where I'm realizing that I'll never get to where I always dreamed I would be.... If that makes sense. But no time for ranting right now. All I can do is do my best in everything I partake in. And that's damn good, I must add.

On the development side of things, I haven't done much. Now that classes are in full throatle, I find that I'm trying to stay ahead as much as possible. I did manage to encorporate some elements of BBCode into my rComments weblog system. I was fooling around and also decided to put up some smilies to come with the new commenting standard. You can take a look at some of the new smilies in the comments. I should make them look prettier. Any suggestions on different smilies are highly appreciated.

Random Interest

Age Of Empires 3 is pretty.

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