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Long time no writing

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Gosh, I really needed this. I spent some time with my family, not touching the keyboard (at home) but to take a look at my emails. Had a nice christmas, a good week before new year and had a great new year evening with my wife and my two children. Just between the two years (between 11pm and 1am) I've retouched the keyboard for the first time to program.

To that occasion : Happy new year.

Yes, I really needed this. As you might have remarked in my last (very long) blogs, I was quite depressed about my situation in regards to game development and the chances I'ld have to ever to something professional again in that domain. I still don't see how I could do something there, but at least I've managed to finally scratch the idea to re-enter the business. Instead I think I'll redo what I've done before I entered business : I try to have fun programming. That's what I had lost.

Since I have overcome my motivation problem, I've a bunch of projects for this year :

- I'm still working on my TBS (turn-based strategy) engine and I'm currently developing a demo game for it.
- I'll do an english version of Dr. Electron but I'll have to wait for some gfx to do so.
- I think that I need a GUI editor.
- I'm currently reading through the shadowrun rules (3.01D) to see if it is possible to do a mission based TBS game with the ruleset (combined with roleplaying).
- One of the games I did last year (and which I did not publish) seems to get a free gfx rework from one of my mates. I'll publish that during this year.
- The Dude-development site will get a complete rework. Last year some of my mates published through a german publisher "Camgoo" under the Dude Development Label. It's possible that some more products will follow using the Dude Development label, so a more professional site must be done.

Quite some stuff to do for this year. If anyone is interested in contributing to the demo game for the TBS engine or the shadowrun rules based game, contact me at maton(at)dude-development.com. NOTE : Those projects will not be sold for profit but will be released for free...

That said, I still owe you the list I promised (you know, the things you could do to make your life more happy). Here we are :

* Make a difference between you job and your life. Job = making money to live... life = everything else.

* If you have a family, make them you main concern. They are more important than your job.

* If you don't have fun for a long period of time, look for something else to do. It doesn't make any sense to work >6 month in a job you really don't like.

* Think about what you really want...

Have fun,
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