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Holy wowness

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I just noticed this in one of the GDC spammages from gamasutra:


Cartoon Network Power Play Games is a proud sponsor of the
Independent Games Festival, returning with the 2nd Annual Project
Goldmaster award.

One lucky IGF finalist will receive a Cartoon Network game
production contract, exposure and distribution for their game,
and potential tie-ins with other Time Warner outlets.

How fucking cool is that? Forget money or trophies; I wanna get me one of them production contracts. I hope they do it again sometime; I reallly wanna do a Dexter's Lab game. [grin]

I'd probably better think about entering, too.
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That does sound pretty cool, although I don't really watch any TV anymore. I have no clue what's good on the Cartoon Network. The only shows I watch when I can are Family Guy and Lost.

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I used to be quite proficient at Flash 4. I should see about getting hold of the latest version sometime...

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