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Radical Racers is here

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So I decided to go ahead and upload Radical Racers to the Showcase, I'm not sure if I feel like it's done or not, but I can always update it if I feel it is necessary. It's always a little scary showing off your work to other people, especially so many people you don't know, and especially since it's been a project of mine for sooo long. Oh well, I'm happy with it and it feels good to finally call it "done", I just hope somebody enjoys it, and I don't mind a little critisizm.

Now, how and when do I let the cheats be known...
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when i ran the exe, nothing happened but a churning of the ol' hdd. here's the contents of Elog.txt:

-----GameManager Error Log-----
direct draw pointer set
game state set
game stage is: 0
Created rect
give pointer to LPDIRECTDRAW7 to gMan
created primary surfaces
set hInstance in gMan
give pointer to gMan to the TrackManager
give pointer to gMan to the CarManager
give pointer to gMan to the TextManager
give pointer to tMan to the CarManager
give pointer to carMan to the CrashDetector
Attempting to load text graphics
ERROR 301: Could not load text graphics

computer specs:
Intel pentium II 400Mhz
384mb ram
s3 graphics inc, Trio3d (2meg, no 3d accel)
18.7gb/37.2gb hdd free
some crap onboard sound card

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Hmm, I bet it doesn't like your video card, I used a 3d accelerator card with 16mb during development and never had any problems. Sorry, I don't think there's much I can do (awesome tech support, I know), thanks for trying :)

The only time it can't load graphics is if they aren't there, or out of memory.

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Shame there's no Linux or OSX version. I will have to wait until I get home to try it now, and will be distracted for the rest of the day. [grin]

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