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The end?

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Stephen R


I got the engine finsihed about an hour ago. I'd worked out the last of the last of the bugs that I'd been able. I got starte on the game immediately. Here's what it looks like so far:

This is shows a few of the graphical features. My bitmapped fonts (I made that one myself :)) and my sprite maps. All the tiles are stored in a single image and are referenced by index. The screenshot should give an estimation of the scale of the game, though the halls are going to be wider and the screen is much larger than the piece I cropped out.

The sample map I just rigged up manually, I'm going to get to work on the actual level code now. I love working on games. This shouldn't take too long, but there are one or two graphical effects that are key to the gameplay that are going to take a bit of work.

I should have a new screeny tomorrow.
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Congrats on getting the engine done. I wish I could %$#@#@ finish mine [smile] At least you have the restraint to make a game before refactoring - I'm taking so long cause I keep spotting stuff I could do better and immediatly go back to fix it. Must... stop...

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Thanks [smile]. Probably the only reason I got it finished was that I decided to just put in the minimum number of features and try to get a game made with it to see what was really needed.

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