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I Blame John Hattan, Again.

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He *KNOWS* I'm fascinated by things that are "odd". He *KNOWS* that once I hear about something like Chip8, I won't rest until I've completely immersed myself in the topic and probably written a book about it (this is how two of my books, "Cybiko" and "SDL" got written).

Well, if you suddenly come across a BrainF*** interpreter written in for a Chip8 emulator that runs on a Cybiko, you will know the man who is ultimately responsible.
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I remember almost getting a Cosmac VIP as my first computer (listed in the back of Popular Science, IIRC). Ended up getting a Coco.

In retrospect, the Coco was probably a better start. BASIC is a bit easier than Chip8.

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Interesting. Looks like the RCA Studio II, a cartridge-based game console, was built on Chip8. When I was a kid, the folks across the street from us had one.

We were jealous because we just had pong, and that one could also play bowling. has a good archive.

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