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Ok, so in some video there were two "enemies" standing against each other.
(this is one of the tsunami videos by the way)

Without seeing the ending, vote who's going to win:
1) Silly Asian guy who want to be Jacky Chan
2) Several billion tons of water moving at very high speed.

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Guy who looks like Jackie Chan, provided he has more than one life left. If he's on his last life, he's screwed, unless he (for some reason) is carrying an anti-seismic-indused-tsunami +8 feather-capped macaroni sword. In which case he still wins (provided the tsunami isn't weilding a pasta-boiler).


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Of course the silly Asian guy who wants to be Jackie Chan jumps through the large wave of water and does some crazy handstand on the water while kicking flying objects out of his way.

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Who the hell would want to be Jacky Chan now? Jet Li I could understand. Chalk one up for the water...

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