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Project Update

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Michael Tanczos


Project = about 12.5% complete

We recently modified the way we run projects here at GDNet. It should lead to much cleaner development ultimately. We have our site split across three servers: a web server, database server, and development server.

At the moment we're using subversion for version control, "the bug genie" for bug tracking, dotproject for project management, and a VPN for developer access to our private network. It's all Win2K3 / SQL Server 2000 setups. We also have a linux-based firewall server.

So far so good. We have a few projects in the pipeline that are pretty sweet. At some point I'm sure we'll announce them.. we have one new feature that should be up within a day or two but that's at Dave's discretion at this point since he gives the final thumbs up on what goes on the site. The one I'm working on is very extensive.. not on the same scale as the new forum launch but it will be big. It could very well become one of my favorite parts of the site... and yours too.

.. and I didn't mention anything about it. Man am I a tease. ;)
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I know what it iiiissss.... I know what it iiiiissss - nyaah nyaah nyah nyah....

Oh crap. No I don't.

Mike!! Tell me!!!

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