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Tile that Map

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Stephen R


Well, as promised here's todays screen.

The tile map structure is now coded into the game, yesterday I'd been kind of faking it just to see what it'd look like. The map is made up of a basic two layers,: the base tile and the object. The base tile is just the ground, that blue tiles thing in this screeny. The object tile reperesent anything that the player can't see/walk through, which here is the bed and the walls. The map is scrolling around nicely, keepeing the player always in the center.

The next thing I have to do is code in the player. Again, the player is just being rendered, with no real code behind it. I have to figure out what the player, gaurds and prisoners share so I can get the class hierarchy right first time. Then I'll get the player moving correctly and banging into walls.

Once I have that in, I'm going to make the level editor for the game in C#. I want to have elaborate levels with which to test the code as I write it. I know how I'm going to define each level, so I'm not worried about having to drastically rework the level editor later on in the project.

I'll have another screen tomorrow, hopefully of the editor.
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