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Remote Teamwork

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I've never worked in a real-life, functioning remote team environment before. I mean, sure, I've worked on a couple of projects that have had a similar direction to the Titanic but a team with direction, purpose and procedure is pretty interesting; especially when you get to work in a great team with some really talented people [smile]

So at work I put my foot down on my redesign project. I don't want to fall foul of procedure or time and have been writing a detailed design document about the new database I'm creating. Currently we use over 6 Excel spreadsheets with data duplicated across them; can you imagine how lame that is - especially when more than one person needs it at a time? The solution I'm developing is powered by SQL Server for the data backend - I think the frontend will be developed over several versions, so I decided that version one should be simple and familiar to the Excel users. The choice of developing a data access application in Excel was pretty natural, I'll get to emulate their presentation styles and add some of my own magic in there when it comes to data entry. I really dislike data entry forms myself, so I have to design a really simple way of doing it. It should be pretty easy in Excel, but it needs to be just different enough to avoid protests when it eventually becomes web-based.

In other news, I'm prepping my system for a move-over to be exclusively Linux-powered. My smaller drive will be installed with Windows for games and other windows project work - but my main system will now be Linux. I'm also going to prep an old computer as a FreeBSD server for web development, SubVersion and random other Linux-based server goodies.
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