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I need to be done

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Well, that bindiff thingie I wrote, I think I'm done with it (again). The release is stable, and the last real 'bug' was the textbox not holding over 32K chars. So It's a RichTextBox now. And thats good, the only loss was that its not auto scrolling when the text it added. Oh well. My only other complaint, is save time. It seems that writing 1 char at a time is slow, go figure. Anyways, I had trouble with saving text as a whole when I first wrote the save function, so I figure that is saves, and thats good enough. Besides, if you are getting multiple K's of output from this program, you probabally should use another tool. I really just wanted to make sure that, it *could* do all this, even though its not what its ment for.

So yes, you can download it.

Now I can finally get back to playing with my game stuff. It felt good to take a break, but I kept on loading up my games source by habbit.

_The 9/11 Commission Report_ is on history channel, its pretty interisting, even tho its a bit depressing.
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