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Thats how it feels. I spent hours tring to figure out why my AABB was just passing thru my planes. The sphere would also react to the AABB when it already passed it, as long as it was within the X bounds, it wouldnt care about the Z. And then the sphere was treating the AABB as if it were still located at origin. And then the sphere would only react to the the AABB at its center. All the while, all the elements were in place for it to be working. I had some of my vectors getting used in the wrong places, to say the least.

But its all better now. I really do hate using code from books, mostly because they seem to have different function params from what everything else uses. You do have to understand in which direction they are measuring from, so you know you are passing it in the correct form. But thats easy to get pased. I guess its when I decided that it would be better for me to copy the function so that I understand what it does. Because what happens there is that I miss a += and just put in a =. Stuff like that, oh the details.

PS. How could I for get? I'm so excited, because I think tomorrow I will be ready to start adding a Block class. Then I get to make the quick linked list. And I will watch the frames drop. Which will let me get into a scene graph. I was reading about quad trees for terrain. So I think that a quad tree that does not have square nodes might work. Time will only tell, and you know I will be writing about it when I get there.
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