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Update Daedalus

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It's been a while so I thought I'd do a quick update here.

The past month has still been pretty hectic, so I haven't been able to do much programming. I'm currently rebuilding my engine from the ground up. Not rewriting everything, but mainly segmenting it a bit so there is less interdependency. It's coming along nicely.

- The messaging system is up and running.
- Logging is working very nicely (I rewrote that to a policy based logger) and I'm actually using it now.
- It's very nice to now use the script from my previous posts for viewing those logs.
- The memory tracker is finally playing nice and I have no leaks right now.
- The framework is pretty much OS independent because I'm using GLFW for the windowing code. I'm currently 'trying' to port it to Linux, and from there to MacOSX (since GLFW supports that).

Basically, it's ready for small test programs which I'll be doing soon. I have an idea for the first game I want to write with it, but I'll have to add my GUI code first for that.

I'll keep you updated, and hopefully next time some nice screens.
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I love how everyone seems to be rewriting or restructuring their engines. Makes me feel less lonely [smile]

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