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As this is my first blog post, I figure I should briefly introduce myself. My name is Graham Wihlidal, and I am a recent graduate of Computer Systems Technology at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. I have been programming for nine years, where I started off with LOGO, and quickly moved onto bigger, and better languages throughout the years. My new specialties are unmanaged C++, and C#. I feel that I am at an advanced level with C++, and at an expert level with C#. I have been quite interested in game development for the past six years, and have been working on a commercial quality game engine and toolset for the past four years. Recently, I switched the toolset from C++ Win32 API into C#, and I am quite happy with the change. C# allowed me to port the existing code into an MDI savvy environment extremely quickly, and build the GUI components much quicker.

I also run a local game development studio in Edmonton, Alberta - Canada on the side, with the hopes of breaking into the industry (whether as a company, or as a developer in a company like BioWare).

Currently in the works is a book I am writing with Anthony Whitaker (Sages), titled "Game Engine Toolset Development using C#.NET". Exciting stuff, and it will be an excellent read!

Aside from all the fun programming, I am also the Lead Business Application Developer at a company developing a workflow automation framework with C#.NET, SQL Server, and Windows SharePoint Services.

The majority of this journal will be dedicated to the development of my book, editor, and game engine. Though I will post useful and interesting blurbs now and then ;)
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Cool, and welcome to GDNET+!

I didn't know Sages was writing a book... I haven't been in #gamedev for awhile now (too much gaming coding gaming codinggaming). Good luck! If I have enough money and chance to buy it I'm sure it will be well worth my negligence! [wink]

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We've been keeping it a secret contained only within #gamedev, but our outline has matured enough to be somewhat presentable to the GameDev community at large right away. We'll be asking for suggesting, comments, and other types of feedback on our work so far. Next journal entry will contain a pic of an editor I have been working on in C# which will be released on the CD of our book as well. Thanks!

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