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Fight Night

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Tuesday night at the gym baby. Oh yeaaaa! [smile]

So this guy I met online a few weeks ago showed up at the gym again tonight. He had emailed me earlier that he was working in his backfalls, so I had just the game for him to play: The Backdrop Game. The idea is simple: you have to jump backwards off a mat that's placed next to the trampoline, land on your back, and bounce back to your feet on top of the mat. After you do that, you add another mat, and another, and another, etc. We had a pile of mats about 6 feet high at the end. Sure, 6 feet isn't that big a deal (I did a 20-25 foot back fall off a building during the Batman show) but onto the trampoline? [smile]

Movie 1
Movie 2

After we played that we strapped on our armor and fought once again, only this time I had my camera at the ready! Too bad I didn't have more room after taking the videos of the back fall game, I missed some pretty funny stuff. Anyways you guys can finally see how we fight, all armored up and swingin! [grin] I like the last one best, hee hee.

Movie 1
Movie 2
Movie 3

So yea, next week I have another game to play with my new buddy Steve - it's awesome having someone new to show all this stuff to, cause otherwise we never really do it ourselves anymore since it's stuff we've done many times before. Thanks Steve! :P

And in other news, I had the worst spyware attack in my life today. I visited a site to get a codec pack and all the sudden SpyBot's registry watcher app starts notifying me of registry changes up the whazoo. I quick close Firefox and load up S&D for a scan. 104 results. Holy crap!! I've managed to wipe out all but 2 of them - they load up with Windows so when S&D runs when windows loads it's too late to remove them cause they're in memory. I tried removing them in Safe Mode but even tho S&D says it got em, they're still there. Crap! I'm going to try AdAware and hope it has a utility to scan during boot, not when Windows loads up. If anyone else has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.

Damn. I've never been infected this bad before. Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime...
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You might want to try looking over antispyware forums, such as this one. Most places recommend you run Hijack this so you can see what's hooking what and where. If you can identify what it is and where it's attaching, you can remove it.

Did S&D give any hints as to what the bugs are called?

I signed onto Windows not long ago to do some dev work. After 3 boots I was infected by spyware - I haven't a clue where it came from. Suffice to say I installed the latest MS updates and so far so good. Yet another reason why I prefer Linux - the only danger then is from a newbie linux user signed on as root [blush]

Edit: Bonus Anti-Spyware software link

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oh man that swordfighting stuff was wicked. it looks like something me and my old buddy jeff would do if we had the equipment. pretty funny stuff though ;)

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They do the trampoline thing at Cirque du Soleil.. makes me want to do it everytime I see it.

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