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I like getting things done..

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I was rather productive this past day! Just finished writing a high level pixel and vertex shader to handle the transformation and rendering of viewport entities. It supports multiple per pixel lights with ambient and diffuse materials. Additionally, and one of the main reasons for the shader, is the ability to specify whether an entity is selected to render it differently than the other entities. If an entity is selected, it is rendered with a pulsing red glow that clearly depicts the selection.

Finished a prototype for the viewport camera, and plugged into Interop services for asynchronous keyboard input. I had some issues getting the native .NET events to fire properly (if at all), but this method seems to be working as expected. The camera will be using a fly approach, as six degrees of freedom will permit viewing from all perspectives. As a usability feature, I am toying with the idea of having preset orientations that can orient the camera in a certain manner. For example, isometric could be selected to switch into a 2.5D perspective, yet not restricting movement on any axis.

Entity instancing is almost finished. A hacked together version works, but a little bit of work is left to plug it into the entity designer within the editor.

I will be working on a comprehensive feature list and overview of both the engine (Nexus), and the editor (Nexus World Builder) sometime within the next week or so.
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