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I've just started manually installing php - Been doing a reading through the manual installation steps, seems fine. I want to try it this way.

[10 minutes later]
Something's wrong here, and it's not php related. I just can't add a new application mapping for some reason...

[5 minutes later]
Ok. Turned out to be a silly bug on the part of microsoft.

[2 minutes later]
It doesn't seem to work. That's bad. And the fact that the @@!#@#$ MS arabization team thought it'd be cool to translate standard, UNIVERSAL, CLEAR error messages to CRYPTIC, linguistically-meaningless ones isn't helping. WHAT THE?!!

The temptation to go with the auto-installer is great, but I wouldn't do it just yet. Let's give this some time first...

The error comes from IIS itself (given that it's in arabic) and it SEEMS to mean it can't find a module or dll (the arabic translation is SO POOR that I just can't work it out)...perhaps it's saying it can't find/load the ISAPI php extensions...

[5 minutes later]
I'm dumb. Should've read the manual in detail (as always, the only minute detail I skip is the most important one [grin]). Now I think I'm done, but I need to reboot for the environment variable changes to work (which is, IMHO, one dumb thing - restarting the whole computer for env variables to work. I suppose they have their good reasons)

Kudos to Peter for doing this quickie guide

[After reboot]
It w0rkorz!!! (albeit failing to load 3 extensions)
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