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MMORPGs suck...

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Muhammad Haggag


...time. Loads of time.

I know this doesn't look like development-related, but it really is. Avoid them like the plague, and if you fail (like I did), only play them when you have a critical thing to do soon (e.g. a meeting). That way, you guarantee you're going to force yourself to quit the damn thing.
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No updates in December and then three within six hours? I think that's a new journal best.

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Hehehe...Well, you see, that's one difference between having a 56K connection and an ADSL one at home [grin]. I had a diary software that let me keep my notes as I work, but then it was corrupted by some virus someday, and I didn't have the installer. I was too lazy to:
- Re-download and install (though it's only 2 Mb or so)
- Dialup whenever I want to add an entry

At work, of course, I have neither the time nor the brains to write a journal.

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