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XM and GPS already useful

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Wouldn't you know it, the XM Satellite Radio and Magellan GPS mentioned in the previous entry saved me from getting into work very late today. I travel on I-4 here in FL on my way to work in the morning, and shortly after I get onto the interstate, I notice a long, long line of cars sitting bumper to bumper. So I put XM on the Orlando traffic station, and tell my GPS to recalculate my route to work without using any freeways, as it calls them (I know that's a CA thing - we call them the interstate, or highway, here). Meanwhile, I turned around in the median and headed back to the exit I used to get on the interstate.

Well, the XM radio tells me there's a *JAM ALERT*, and the exact location of the accident that's causing what it says is a 5 mile backup that was quickly increasing. The GPS recalculates my route to work, taking me through the backcountry roads alongside the interstate. It was taking me into places I had never been. But then I ran into another problem - there was an accident along these city roads I was travelling on, and I was getting backed up yet again. So..as I approached the exit past the accident on I-4 (I knew where I was because I could see the GPS map), I told the GPS to recalculate my route to find the shortest time route to work, and it gave me a route that jumped back on the interstate after the point where the accident was located.
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