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Entry #64: I..hate..people...

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    The bran muffins are coming! The bran muffins are coming!

    ..That's "British", sir.

    What?! Muffins are French!

Yeah, I hate people today.

I had to figure out new ways to blow people off. I mean, I'm generally a non-jackass, but people were just pissing me off left and right today.

First off was the weirdest, ugliest girl hitting on me while I was working. She didn't seem to take the hint, but asked me "why I was so cold". Feeling a little sorrow, I told her I was cold to everyone. OOPS. So now she thinks I'm "one of the few people she can have an intelligent conversation with". Well, if you call "intelligent" my ignoring everything she says, following up with a few grunts. If she starts to stalk me I'm going to get ugly (as opposed to the standard tactic of the cold shoulder). LADDER SCALE: Wouldn't fuck drunk.

Then there was this guy, a typical "read over the shoulder-er". Except he was reading from a couple meters away, and wasn't really reading, more like asking what I was reading, etc. Probably was just bored, maybe he's gay, no idea - wasn't paying attention.

The third one I'm going to discuss (but there WERE more, damn, so many more just today) was one of those peppy girls trying to get me to a meeting of some sort. She's not bad looking, but has the intelligence of a walnut. Used my Level 2 logic to baffle her. LADDER SCALE: Would fuck drunk, and admit to it.

Actually, crap... could have gotten laid. CURSES upon all the other people who pissed me off earlier in the day! CURSES!!!
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You always seemed an upbeat person(and a little funny in the head, and in addition having a strange quality that I have a hard time naming). I'm surprised.

Can I steal your spaceships?

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I'm going to take "I'm introverted." to mean "Yes, TANSTAAFL, I freely give you a permanent and irrevocable license to use my ship sprites for whatever purpose you see fit to apply them to."

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I sent you a PM concerning the usage of them!


For all others, you can use them as long as I know you're using them, and I would appreciate seeing the results (if any)! [grin]

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