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Time for a break?

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Ah, ratings.
Love 'em or hate 'em it seems you cant escape them.

Before I continue I'm fully aware that what I'm about to put here could well make what I'm about to talk about worse, infact I'd think it more than likely but never mind [smile]

I like to help people, those of you hang around the OpenGL forum will probably have noticed my prolific posting in that forum, helpping out where I can and even giving alternative infomation. Heck I dont even mind that the posts I make both there and in other forums often seem to go all but ignored.

However, all that said, its nice to know you are appricated, with either a thanks or, these days, a little rating boost. It makes me feel good inside when I log in and happen to notice that I've gained a few points, be it 1, 2 or more and it helps me want to help even on the days I feel a bit off.

Now, I dont know what my rating is as you read this, and chances are if a few people read it will indeed take a pluge, but on the 12-Jan-05 I happened to notice it had made it to the dizzy hights of 1424 and I was pretty chuffed. I'm pretty sure its not down to me being popular, its not like I'm one of the loungue 'inner circle' and I dont talk to others off here, I just come on, answer questions and thats pretty much it.

So, imagine my shock when, today, I logged on to find that I'd dropped back to 1411 and then just before this post 1407. I even stopped and did a double take. Now, I've lost points before now, 5 or so a few months back, and I never worked out what it was for but in this case its down to the old 'popularity contest' issue it seems.

You see, I quickly reviewed what threads I'd taken part in, post drop;

- a couple of opengl ones where I was as bit terse with my answer, but it was technically correct
- a thread about WMD in Iraq
- a thread about global warming (where I was infact refered to as 'people like you' by one of the posters because I couldnt see what they was on about)
and post the small drop I did a longish post on how a GPU access data and how the two different formats (CPU friendly and GPU friendly) effect this.

So, lets take a close look at it.
The technical thread,posted after my main drop, that was correct and last I'd checked no one has posted to disagree with that I said.
The OpenGL threads, well as I said, I was a little short but in one case next to no info was given and the other was a simple search, so I wouldnt have expected owt.

So what does that leave us?
Oh, surpise surpise, the politics and science threads, where it seems because I disagreed with someone view point (despite being polite about it and stating my reasons clearly and never attacking the person in quesiton) I've lost the 'popularity contest' and been rated down.

The thing is, because my rating is so high it was either;
a) alot of low ratinged people
b) a couple of higher rated people
c) a mod or staff
I know this because I could only effect a person with 1000 by 12 points when I rated them the other day on the 2nd to highest level and as your rating power changes depending on relative ratings.

So, whats the upshot of this, well its that I'm now wondering is it really worth me posting my arse off to help people when it seems that if you disagree with the popular people, even politely, any apprication you've amassed gets wiped away...

So, right now I'm pretty demoralised and considering a few days/weeks away from the posting side at least.. although, I admit this couldnt have come at a better time, I've got work todo and possibly the beginings of a relationship of sorts, so maybe it will all work out...

either way, as I'm not popular enuff this will be my only comment on it, no large goodbye thread in the lounge or owt like that, just this entry so that if I do it and someone does wonder 'what happened to _the_phantom_?' at least there is a reason and those who rated me down for no more than clearly and politely expressing my views can feel happy at having driven away one of the more helpfull members of this community, as voted for by those I helpped.
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I appreciate you. Alot of times you awnser questions that are asking something that I was wondering about but never posted.

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Sorry, part of that was my fault. I tried re-rating you, and because of the current weirdness in the rating system, when I tried increasing your rating, I actually dropped your rating since the difference in our ratings had dropped since the last time I rated you.

Again, sorry.

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Agreed. But meh you're pretty helpfull and I do rate you every now and then when I just see a topic that you posted an amazing help in so ;)

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