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dev-c++ && allegro

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jesus christ. i don't know whose idea it was to set the default editor settings in dev-c++ but, man! it makes the ugliest code ever known in this age of man. getting allegro to run was a bit of a pain too, i had to uninstall/reinstall everything and get the newest packages before i could get anything to run.

here's what happened: i decided to go check out the showcase (as i do every morning) and there's this tetroids game there (ontheheap) and i try to run it. it gives me diahorrea all over my desktop:

well he's gone on to explain that he's using allegro. i've used allegro for a long time, so i figure i can help the guy out. well man, none of the stuff from my old journal (archived to cd now) will run on the comp! i was thinking it was my hardware, so i run dev-cpp and try a simple allegro app, and everything's borked. anyways, its completely reinstalled and i have the newest version of allegro and it works fine.

getting c++ to do my bidding was a bit of a challenge. i'm not used to forward declarations anymore, and i'm not happy when i can't see the params of a function in a tooltip as i type it out. sure, its an open-source project vs a huge corporation, but devcpp has been around for quite a long time. all those options are silly when you compare the features of vcpp against it. who cares if my brackets highlight if i can't see what's in a function param list?

long story short, i have allegro going again, so if anyone has any allegro-related problems, be sure to drop me a line. i sorta remember a bit of it.. [razz]
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heh, its a shareware demo of this puzzly platformer starring this cute little old lady and her tons of kitties. you must rescue them from the evil garden gnomes in order to save the world!

actually the granny's got some pretty funny vocals and our 2yr old son loves the kitties' mewls.

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Nice resolution.

I must note that I've tried both Allegro and SDL, and prefer SDL over Allegro any day. Comments?

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it's all a matter of familiarity to me. i'm used to allegro, thus i like it better than the (basically knowledgeless about) sdl. sdl does networking iirc, and alleg doesn't - so you're one up on me there.

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