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Setting up

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So I picked up a KVM switch the other day, and moved all three of my boxen (main dev box, Windows build box and fileserver) into the same room, so now it's a little easier to switch back and forth. Got the latest and greatest version of Accidental operating on both platforms (after a little fiddling), and I'm just about ready to upload binaries and source. Another couple of days, while I try to pin down a small little glitch that I can not figure out. I suspect it's a driver thing, but I can't be sure. It'll take me a little longer after that to update the online docs, and do some fixes to the first run of tutorials. Then I can continue work on some of the other tutorials I've had in the works for awhile. I've got far too many of those sitting in the pipe--a few for the Accidental project, and a second part to the isometric walls tutorial that I did awhile back, which I've had in the works for months now.

Not to mention, I guess I should probably try to finish a game someday. I mean, I have laid all this groundwork for a reason, right? Between the new and vastly improved scripting interface and subsystem developed for Accidental, and my selection of level rendering engines--Accidental (though the rectangular tiles are starting to annoy me), GolemHybrid (the 'standard' isometric view mimicking the original Golem, but updated to utilize 3D characters) and Golem3D--I ought to be able to hammer out at least a small game in fairly short order (not counting graphics, of course, which will likely take awhile). You would think I could, anyway.

We'll see what happens.
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