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Constantine will be good!

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Friday, January 14th

Well I'm finally almost up and running on my new laptop. It's taking me quite a while, mostly because I'm still doing work on the old laptop while setting up this one and that's when I'm at home and not at work or out socializing. But I just finished setting up Outlook today - the major bump was importing my 400MB PST file [smile] I save a lot of emails, hee hee. I'll finish up this weekend with customizing all my apps and tweaking out XP. After that I have to reformat my old laptop so I can use it to stash files. Same with my Aunt's old desktop.

Spoiler Alert

So I saw Elektra tonight. It was a let-down unfortunately. The story just never seemed to really manifest itself into anything worthwhile, and the action wasn't as cool as I thought it would be. After seeing films like Crouching Tiger, Hero and House of Flying Daggers, I can no longer stand these close-in blocked out fight sequences where all you see are flashes of combat. This is obviously to hide the ineptitude of the fighters themselves. You'd think Jennifer Gardner, with 4 seasons of Alias under her belt, would at least know how to fight. Yeesh. The worst part was her killing the agents of The Hand. Take this one guy - he gets shot with a shotgun and brushes the pellets off his chest with nary a scratch. Elektra's sai snap when she tries to stab him in the back. And yet, he gets killed by a tree falling on top of him. Did I miss something?? And the lead guy can move incredibly fast, yet he manages to spear himself (at least that's what it looks like to me, didn't seem like Elektra did much) on Elektra's sai. I find it hard to pick out any redeeming qualities... there were a couple of funny lines in the movie, and Terrence Stamp's blind man act was pretty cool, but overall.... blech.

End Spoiler Alert

So anyways this is like the third movie me and my friends have seen that's sucked to some degree or another. Alexander sucked (actually that heralded in a whole new level of suck for us), White Noise wasn't scary at all, and now Elektra was a major let down. Therefore in order to keep our spirits up, my friends and I have concluded that Constantine (starring Keanu Reeves) will be good. It will! We swear! (We hope)
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On what plane of existence do you live on where Electra looked like it was going to be a good movie? Everything about that movie screamed "Catwoman 2".

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My sentiments exactly. That movie looked like total cheese. Go watch the Life Aquatic.

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John the trailer looked wicked. Hell I like the trailer better than the movie [smile]

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